Tara’s Journey

Rewind to December 2016. I am sitting in a sea of women listening to the most courageous and inspiring stories I’ve ever heard. I’m attending The Massachusetts Conference for Women, where I am introduced to the incredible stories of Anita Hill, Glennon Doyle and Sara Blakely. This is the first step that eventually leads me […]

Why We Choose Benevolence

In early 2019, we noticed something. With the exception of a handful of purpose-driven clients and projects, most of our work didn’t feel particularly important. Yes, it was important in the conventional sense. However, in the larger sense, we felt we lacked a higher purpose. In searching for that purpose, we realized what gave us […]

Mercy Ships is Saving Lives in Africa

Half of Africa’s population, over 600 million people, have little or no access to healthcare. Mercy Ships exists to fulfill this overwhelming deficit in desperate regions. Volunteers aboard their hospital ships perform life-changing surgeries and train local professionals in vital medical procedures for continued care in their community. In their 42 years of operation, Mercy […]