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McClung Companies are Environmental Champions

< 1 min read The employee-owned McClung Companies demonstrate stewardship for our community and the planet by reducing their environmental impact. Printed products have made a huge comeback. This rise in print outreach has


Mercy Ships Saving Lives in Africa

< 1 min read Half of Africa’s population, over 600 million people, have little or no access to healthcare. Mercy Ships exists to fulfill this overwhelming deficit in desperate regions. Volunteers aboard their hospital

international medical corps_OWL

IMC – Confronting COVID-19 at Its Source

< 1 min read International Medical Corps (IMC) is operating COVID-19 emergency response and flattening the curve in over 30 countries. In cooperation with WHO, CDC, and FedEx, IMC has provided medical shelters, equipment,

samaritans purse doctors in Italy

samaritan’s purse

< 1 min read As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to relentlessly sweep through communities and countries across the globe, the heroes at Samaritan’s Purse are pouring faith into the front lines.  Early in the



< 1 min read What if you couldn’t access health care? Across the globe, there are entire communities that can’t. In Nigeria, incoming war-torn refugees from neighboring countries drastically restrict the swelling population’s ability


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3D printer making a face shield

Volunteers Produce 3D Printed PPE

< 1 min read To save lives, volunteers are 3D printing personal protective equipment.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpiles have plummeted. To overcome the shortage, The Prusa Printers Organization designed a 3D printed face-shield

Mike teaching at on the road collaborative

youth empowerment

2 min read On the Road Collaborative (OTRC) is a non-profit youth empowerment organization located in Harrisonburg Virginia. They empower underserved middle and high school youth with the opportunity, skills, and confidence they

Team in front of vision

progress for a purpose

3 min read thinking internally It began with a desire to reskin the Chiedo Labs brand messaging. The focus up until this point had been working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies. After 7

Chiedo John founder of Chiedo Labs

our roots · building spaceships

2 min read You may have heard the name Chiedo around Harrisonburg, perhaps have met or spent time with the founder of Chiedo Labs. Chiedo built his company while still attending James Madison


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