Generate Impact Statement on Systemic Racism

June 19th, 2020

Until now, we at Generate Impact have been silent about the systemic racism that results in crimes such as the murders of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and other appalling injustices that continue to occur around the world on a daily basis.

We have been silent in introspection, but today we are not. Today we declare our absolute opposition to systemic racism in all its manifestations, and reaffirm our need to listen, learn and understand.

We are committed to listening.

We are committed to listening, and taking full responsibility for our conscious and unconscious choices in a world that does not meet the needs of every human being. Because we claim to be dedicated to benevolence, we know we must listen more, learn more, understand more, do more, and be more than what we are today.

Our differences make us irreplaceable.

We observe that all human beings are different, and we believe that is what makes us beautiful. We believe our differences make each of us valuable and irreplaceable. We believe our differences are our strengths, not our weaknesses. We believe respecting and celebrating our differences are acts of beauty as well.

We will not be complicit in oppression.

We believe that no one deserves to be murdered merely because they are different or simply because they exist. We believe no one deserves to be diminished or traumatized because of their race, gender, beliefs or background. We believe that, if there are people who experience trauma and oppression because of their personal choices or innate qualities, it is our collective failure as human beings.

We believe there is enough.

We believe there is enough food, water, and materials to build communities, schools, parks, hospitals, places of worship, and spaces of free expression and honest discourse for every human being. We believe there is enough love and enough compassion for everyone.

We believe we are our choices.

We believe there are no easy answers that will solve all the world’s problems or open every heart to love and compassion. We believe there are only the choices each of us make. We believe we are the product of the choices that impact our and others’ lives for good or ill.

We refuse to absolve ourselves of responsibility.

We have a responsibility to act, and we have a choice to make. This statement does nothing to fulfill our responsibility. As for our choice, we commit ourselves to conscious effort every day
as individuals and as a company to help build a world of peace, love, compassion and benevolence.