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2 min read

You may have heard the name Chiedo around Harrisonburg, perhaps have met or spent time with the founder of Chiedo Labs. Chiedo built his company while still attending James Madison University, offering development services to local then national companies out of his cramped dorm room. His work ethic and expertise led him to create what became Chiedo Labs. He was compelled by a passion for entrepreneurship to start his own business and grow as a developer.

Let’s build a spaceship! Chiedo Labs operated as a development shop that could take on any challenge and build anything. Their work included custom WordPress sites, complicated applications, software development, web design and beyond. This model eventually led the company to separate into multiple companies turning Chiedo Labs into The Chiedo Companies which allowed the business to expand in specialized fields. This shift encouraged expansion and enabled a more diverse portfolio of projects and clients while building up the community. Some of the projects included, Crestwood Technology Group, Shenandoah Valley Partnership, Holtzman Oil and Relish Careers.

The core value of the company changed over time as well as the business model, growing with varying levels of success. The focus on young entrepreneurs and start-up organizations looking for a team to build their idea was what inspired the founder and the development team. One of Chiedo’s side projects was “Founderby30” where he educated aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners on how to leverage technology to develop cleaner code and turn their ideas into reality. What never faded was the focus on family, community, and innovation, values that remain important to this day.

Chiedo Companies later reformed into Chiedo Labs to refocus priorities and concentrate on doing what the team did best custom technology development. A passion for changing the world and making a difference would then encourage the rebranding to Generate Impact. Chiedo Labs holds the history of who we are today. Driving innovation and pursuing compelling new technology, inspire us to find new challenges to overcome. We believe in uncovering digital solutions to solve real human problems. As a team of expert developers and problem solvers, we will always pursue building spaceships. With Generate Impact our mission is using what we build to empower for-good organizations to impact more people.

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