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What if you couldn’t access health care? Across the globe, there are entire communities that can’t.

In Nigeria, incoming war-torn refugees from neighboring countries drastically restrict the swelling population’s ability to provide desperately needed medical aid. There is a serious growing need for health and wellness to protect and heal the people of the country.

FHI 360 worked with Nigerian governments, experts, and local groups to implement the Integrated Health for Refugees and Vulnerable Populations in Nigeria project that provided this lifesaving support.

During a time of extreme crisis, FHI 360 turned local involvement into national impact by partnering to deliver programs that empower communities to provide life-saving health care while building strong internal networks. FHI 360 programs meet the toughest human challenges and improve lives.


Humans are in need all over the globe. The scarcity of health care amid disease and economic struggle threaten and destroy entire communities. FHI 360 is leading the fight to answer the call to help develop life-changing care where it is needed most. Learn more and become a partner today.

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