Save The Children: Protecting The Future

For millions of children living in war zones, displaced from their homes and countries by poverty, unrest and natural disasters, separated from their families at borders or living in countries that ignore the rights of children, that is their reality today.

ChildFund Alliance: Supporting the Second Revolution to End Children’s Suffering

A new report spanning 30 years has revealed that the promise made by the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child to support and protect all children’s health and rights has left millions overlooked, and forced to suffer due to an unfinished agenda.  This report created by the Joining Forces Alliance (an alliance of […]

Extreme Kids & Crew: Transforming Homes into Virtual Safe Spaces

In a time where going outside means risking your life or threatening others, Individuals with disabilities all over the country are losing access to aid and social networks as most of the country has shut down.  For individuals with disabilities, isolation can be especially devastating to mental health and education. Organizations like Extreme Kids & […]

STEAM Discovery Academy: Igniting Kid’s Minds Online

Did you know a box can change a child’s life? Overnight, parents have become educators tasked with in-home learning, all while juggling work and navigating the current lockdown. The educators at STEAM Discovery Academy, who are parents themselves, are offering an innovative solution. STEAM’s new virtual camp provides an engaging and interactive experience, designed to […]

Mercy Ships: Saving Lives in Africa

Half of Africa’s population, over 600 million people, have little or no access to healthcare. Mercy Ships exists to fulfill this overwhelming deficit in desperate regions. Volunteers aboard their hospital ships perform life-changing surgeries and train local professionals in vital medical procedures for continued care in their community. In their 42 years of operation, Mercy […]

International Medical Corps: Confronting COVID-19 at Its Source

International Medical Corps (IMC) is operating COVID-19 emergency response and flattening the curve in over 30 countries. In cooperation with WHO, CDC, and FedEx, IMC has provided medical shelters, equipment, and staff to help hospitals fight back. IMC’s efforts have generated a lasting impact on communities affected by this disease. Discover As of April 15th, […]