The Nonprofit Show: Can Tech Save Nonprofits?

In an interview on The Nonprofit Show with Julia C. Patrick, our teammate Brian Greenwald gave a surprising response to the question, “Can tech save nonprofits?”. His answer? NO.

Volunteers Produce 3D Printed PPE

To save lives, volunteers are 3D printing personal protective equipment.  Personal protective equipment (PPE) stockpiles have plummeted. To overcome the shortage, The Prusa Printers Organization designed a 3D printed face-shield that could be fabricated by volunteers at home.  Using this design the 3D for COVID movement was formed overnight to virtually organize volunteers and distribute […]

Youth Empowerment

On the Road Collaborative (OTRC) is a non-profit youth empowerment organization located in Harrisonburg Virginia. They empower underserved middle and high school youth with the opportunity, skills, and confidence they need to excel in school, be on track for college & career and fulfill their promise. Their mission is achieved through academic and enrichment learning […]

Progress for a Purpose

Thinking Internally It began with a desire to reskin the Chiedo Labs brand messaging. The focus up until this point had been working with entrepreneurs and start-up companies. After 7 years of working within this target market and serving locally, our team decided a refocus was needed to accelerate growth and pursue larger projects. A […]