we are a digital tech company that exists to fulfill human needs

supporting benevolence creators [like you] since 2012

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what we do

custom solutions

We add expertise to your team and a trusted partner to create innovative software that transforms tomorrow.

platform solutions

With 20+ years of platform tech experience, we ensure your IT investment fulfills your needs and works for people. 

small org solutions

If you are a small .ORG, an individual with an amazing idea, or a growing business ready to take a leap, we can help.

how we do it




We empower people to create solutions

All human activity exists to fulfill human needs, which means no one knows better how to solve problems than your people and those they serve. Together, let's unlock your creativity and find answers that work.




We remove friction that blocks action

For technology to be effective, it needs to solve more problems than it creates. That means designing systems and processes that put people first, so they spend their time serving the mission instead of battling tools.




We leverage technology to accelerate effect

We are proud to be a technology company that doesn't believe that technology is "the solution". Instead, technology is the "accelerator of solutions" designed by and for people for the purpose of improving lives.

why we do it

Generate Impact operates as a Benevolent Business

That means we exist for more than profit. We exist to build a community dedicated to improving peoples' lives and empowering benevolence creators around the world.

By focusing on humanitarian, social impact, sustainability, and for-profit-for-good organizations and causes, we help you generate a positive impact through our passion for your mission.


Golf Status.Org

Golfing For The Greater Good

2 min read GolfStatus.org is empowering nonprofit organizations crippled by COVID with golf!  The economic shutdown has caused a steep decline in charitable giving and postponed fundraising events for nonprofits, threatening their ability


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